Hi there and welcome to hujanpanas.com. I’ll bet that you have come to this place just to get to know more about me. First i would like to say thank you to you for visiting my blog. Your visit to my blog means very much to me.

I do not what to say about myself except that i am a son to a proud parent, husband to a lovely wife and a father to beautiful daughter. These people are the one that drive me in my daily live and can not imagine how it would be like without them.

This year (2013), i am 33 years old and getting older as each day goes by and i am from Sarawak. Still residing in Sarawak and to be exact in Sibu.

This blog would be a way for me to record about my adventure, money, current issues and many more. You can its a ‘rojak’ blog will either be in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

Last but not least, thank you again for visiting my blog. Your visit here meant a lot to me.

You can know more about me by reading kisah aku.

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